As a self-taught musician, Rixa composed his first pieces of music at the age of 14 by Electric Melodica and later continued his music career by giving electronic recitals for family members using his Commodore64.

While studying Industrial Engineering, he continued composing more music using musical softwares and several types of keyboards.

In late 1990s after composing plenty of enthusiastic musical themes, he gradually got involved in computer software business and carried on with his life as an online entrepreneur.

This made him travel around the world, being in touch with more than 20 countries and cultures and stop playing and composing music for a while.

15 Years later, enriched with life and business experiences, like Japanese painters in ancient Zen stories, he started to compose music again after a long break in the form of a project named “Silentaria“. He has been working in his personal studio as a professional composer, arranger, keyboardist and sound engineer since then.

Rixa White also writes haiku-like poems that follow the same concept as his music.

Find out how Rixa White introduces himself at his Autobiography  page.

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