Original Scoring
Rixa offers composition services to meet your media project's unique needs. He will create an original score and fine tune each aspect of the music until you are completely satisfied. Whether you have a film, advertisement, trailer, video game, or other media, Rixa will provide custom music that best suits your production.

Consult Rixa for all your orchestration needs.He takes all orchestration topics into consideration, including proper instrument range, instrument-specific abilities, and typical arrangements for each specific genre of music. Each film score or original piece Rixa composes is also meticulously orchestrated, giving great thought to the arrangement.

Orchestral Sequencing
Using industry standard software and sample libraries, Rixa can take your music to new heights by producing and sequencing it. If you have a song that needs to be performed by a real orchestra (but don't have the budget to pay a lot of instrumentalists), Rixa will use her musical expertise and technical training to produce an authentic-sounding result. He has a virtual orchestra at your disposal, and can work from several formats including sheet music, MIDI files, or a recording that needs re-vamping.

Backing Tracks
Rixa can make your song a reality by providing backing tracks to your melody and lyrics. He produces high-quality instrumentals to accompany any songwriter's vision. Don't know the chords that would best fit? Don't have the studio or the time to record your song? Rixa can write and produce full backing tracks to accompany your vocals, or provide you with a finished song that shows your tune's true potential.

Please contact Rixa White for inquiries on any of the above services.